Experience Franciacorta

Franciacorta is not just good wine

Franciacorta is a land to be experienced. Wine tourism has been developed for those wanting to explore the wine-growing regions and discover the local wines. Visit the Franciacorta production areas, discover the secrets lying behind these wines, which are so closely linked to their land of origin, and have fun pairing them with local dishes. Explore the vineyards and let yourself be charmed by ancient monasteries and historic manor houses.

Wineries in Franciacorta


In all their variety, large, small or medium-sized, Franciacorta’s many wineries are its legacy and what makes it special. Visiting them means finding out more about its producers whose passion has made Franciacorta what it is, a top class wine whose every glass is packed with its characteristic finesse and character.

Where to eat and sleep in franciacorta

Franciacorta is not just wine, it is also a place of quality food and excellent hospitality.

Franciacorta: services and activities

To better enjoy an experience full of adventure, relax or fun.

Visit Franciacorta

Visit Franciacorta to see the treasures of art and history scattered around the area. 


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