Route 6: Franciacorta Millesimato – White path

Average itinerary time3 hours e 30 minutes
Technical difficultiesNone
CyclabilityTotal (route entirely on low-traffic roads, suitable for any age group).
Altitude gain/loss+/- 320

At the ISEO exit (via per Rovato), turn right along the cycle path to Via Colombera, with views of Lamette and Lake Iseo on your right and the Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve on your left. At the end of Via Colombera, cross the provincial road on the pedestrian crossing and follow signs for CREMIGNANE.
At the end of a short ascent continue downhill to cross the provincial road once again on the pedestrian crossing, take the gently uphill narrow road in front of you and continue along the road, keeping the shopping mall to your right. At the fork in the road turn left and then left again (here the road becomes a dirt track) to join the Brescia-Paratico cycle path which runs along the Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve (2.5 km of dirt track). At the end of the dirt track turn left towards PROVAGLIO D’ISEO railway station, crossing the tracks and remaining on the cycle path, to a short climb which brings you out at the Santella roundabout, where you turn left to Monastero di San Pietro in Lamosa. A visit to the monastery is a must before you continue southwards and, at the Santella roundabout, continue straight ahead, turning left at the next roundabout. Continue for 100 metres before turning right along the Brescia-Paratico cycle path which winds, with short ups and downs, through the hills and the Provaglio d’Iseo industrial area. At the stop sign keep straight along Via Marana and then Via Franciacorta. A slight climb of 300 metres takes you to the road which bears right, still slightly uphill, towards Monterotondo on Via Mameli.
Before the centre of this small village turn left into Via San Giorgio, passing under an arch and descend, bearing right. At the stop sign turn left, still following signs for the Brescia-Paratico cycle path on a long descent to PASSIRANO roundabout, where you turn left following signs for CAMIGNONE and, after about 1 km, get to Barboglio district. Continue to the roundabout, turn right into the village centre and continue to the traffic lights. Turn right into Via Chiesa and then into Via Diaz before turning right once again into Via Risorgimento which narrows after a bend.
Continue through the village and, after passing a majestic villa, turn right at the cycle track sign on a road through the vineyards that winds, slightly uphill, to the end of Via San Martino. At the stop sign turn left towards the centre of Passirano, returning to Via Diaz, and then follow Via Marconi.
At the crossroads turn right into Via Garibaldi, which runs through the centre, passing in front of the town hall and the parish church. The next street, Via Libertà, is gently uphill and bears left towards Via Castello where a tree-lined avenue provides views of the castle of Passirano, to your right, and the walls of Villa Fassati Barba to your left. After the castle turn left onto Via Parri, which is narrow and downhill.
At the end of the street turn right into Via Roma, pedal slightly downhill and pass the level crossing before turning left in the direction of Paderno Franciacorta. Emerge on Via Cavour in farmland, noting the first Brescia Alpine foothills in the distance to your left, to the village’s first roundabout of the village, whose parish church is visible to your left. Continue straight ahead through the centre following signs for Castegnato.
For the next few kilometres you are cycling through residential areas and countryside. At the roundabout between Via del Pavione and Via Cascina Croce, take Via Trento. After the industrial area, just before the sign indicating the end of PADERNO FRANCIACORTA, turn left into Via Tre Cortili. Cross a dirt road and continue towards a group of farmhouses to a stop sign on Via Giardini. Keep right, returning to the asphalt road, and cross the level crossing. Continue along a tree-lined avenue through farmland to a crossroads, where you bear right to a sign for RODENGO SAIANO. Turn left uphill at the roundabout and, after passing the flyover, turn left towards the centre of the village and Abbazia Olivetana di San Nicola (one of the most impressive monastic complexes in Italy and packed with art treasures). After visiting the abbey, take Via Brescia and, after taking the underpass, continue through the centre of Rodengo Saiano to the first roundabout. The road for Monticelli Brusati/Ome is in front of you. You are in Via Dionigi and after a winery building turn left into Via Cantarane, cycling for a long stretch along the imposing wall of Villa Fenaroli. When the road rejoins Provincial Road 46, turn left and proceed as far as the roundabout. Turn left again towards MONTICELLI BRUSATI until you get to Borgo del Maglio di OME on your left, where you can stop for a visit or to rest a while in the adjacent park. Wind through the vineyards and take the narrow road to the right to Villa, passing through the interesting historic village of the same name. At the stop sign, turn right and follow the signs for the centre of the village to Torre hamlet. Go straight through the roundabout and turn left for Provezze, along a pleasant road surrounded by vineyards. Pass Palazzo Pisa on your left, where you can turn off a moment to the historic district of Persaga.
The main route takes you to the roundabout at Provezze, where you continue straight ahead on the main road. After the first uphill bend, you can also turn off briefly to the historic district of Sergnana. Continuing along your route, on the other hand, takes you on a pleasant descent to Zurane. After the hamlet turn right at the stop sign onto Via Matteotti, turning right at the end of it into the centre of PROVAGLIO D’ISEO on Via Sebina. At the roundabout near the Monastero di San Pietro in Lamosa car park turn left into Via Stazione Vecchia to the Santella roundabout where you turn right. After crossing the level crossing, turn right to rejoin the route along the Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve. Follow this road to CREMIGNANE.
Retrace your first steps on this route (Via Colombera) for a few kilometres to return to your starting point, after a cycle ride of about 40 km.



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