Route 1: Franciacorta Satèn – Yellow path

Average itinerary time2 hours and 30 minutes
Technical difficultiesNone
Cyclabilitytotal (route on paved roads except for a short section in the Sebino Nature Reserve, suitable for any age group)
Altitude gain/loss+/- 240

Take Via Colombera out of Iseo, admiring the Lamette and the lake to the right, and the Sebino peat bogs to the left. At the end of the road turn right, then immediately left for Cremignane. At the end of this short rise turn immediately right to Clusane d’Iseo, following the Brescia-Paratico cycle path. Emerge onto the provincial road to Sarnico and, after the pedestrian traffic lights, turn off left onto an uphill road which takes you to Colombaro. At the fork in the road, turn right onto Via Manzoni and continue straight through the centre of the town, beyond which you will pass a large vineyard on your left.

Continue on this partly wooded road until you get to Nigoline and, at the stop sign, turn right for Adro, passing the parish church. One option here is to turn right and take a short cobbled street leading to Palazzo Torri and Chiesa di Santa Eufemia. Another is to continue straight on, emerging on a road through the vineyards. A bit of pedalling takes you to a descent leading to Santuario Madonna della Neve (Our Lady of the Snows Sanctuary) square. Skirt the school and, at the mini roundabout on the left, continue slightly uphill and follow the tourist signs for Erbusco.
At an intersection at the top of a low hill turn left and, keeping right on the descent, take narrow Via Lovera straight ahead. The vineyards that surround you lead to an entrance gate that was created by artist Arnaldo Pomodoro. Continue and at the roundabout turn right onto the provincial road and continue for 200 metres.

After passing a number of shops on the left, take the road to Calino. Continuing straight on you come to a war memorial where you turn left following the sign indicating “Valli” and Via Torre. After the level crossing at the stop sign turn left. A short climb takes you to Bettolino Monterotondo and a stop sign where you turn left, following signs for Provaglio Iseo and provincial road 49. Continue straight on for 700 metres and then turn left into Via Cimitero. At the bottom of the hill, after the level crossing, you get to Borgonato. Continue, turning right into Via Dosso downhill, and at the roundabout turn left towards Nigoline.

After the industrial area bear right at the roundabout, following the Panciera-Zoppola villa wall on your right, then go straight ahead on Via Grumi. Follow signs for Timoline- Centro Sportivo. At the stop sign turn left, continuing on Via Dalla Chiesa, passing the Acquasplash water park on your right, and at the next stop sign set off on a long straight track leading all the way to the centre of Timoline. At a large roundabout, with the parish church visible, take the road for Provaglio, which is flanked by vineyards. Before the level crossing, turn left to join the Brescia-Paratico cycle path which runs along the Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve (2 km of dirt road). Follow the road, keeping the shopping mall on your left and, at the stop on provincial road 11, cross over and a short climb takes you to Cremignane. Retrace your first steps on this route (Via Colombera) for a few kilometres to return to your starting point, after a cycle ride of about 30 km.



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