“Franciacorta: a golden feeling”, fashion film

Franciacorta: A Golden Feeling is the fashion film that Franciacorta launched for the Milan Fashion Week in September 2021: a tribute to Italian fashion, a film with a strong visual impact with which Franciacorta aimed to create an instant connection to the world of style and creativity, making the brand recognisable as an integral part of the fashion system.

Franciacorta has thus confirmed its tenth year of partnership with the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (National Chamber of Italian Fashion), with which it has been sharing Made in Italy’s distinctive features since 2012: craftsmanship, elegance and quality.

Franciacorta: A Golden Feeling is a tribute to fashion and beauty, a story that employs refined aesthetics with a strong rhythmic component, of pure look, through the intense editing typical of fashion film style.

The film opens with a series of glasses arranged in perfect geometric order at the centre of an undefined space, the bubbles rise vivaciously in the glasses until a muffled sound coming from a club in the next room makes everything tremble, creating ripples: the camera closes in on a glass virtually immersing the viewer in Franciacorta. The goblet and the bubble act as a “gateway” to accompany the viewer to a dimension where body, fashion and movement merge.

Through set constructions and projections within an undefined space, dancers alternate in a series of performances giving the film a contemporary and dynamic look owing to a direction that is attentive to the composition of images, serving to build for each scene a perfectly balanced shot composed of moving scenes.

The director is Enea Colombi, a talented young Italian who began his career at the age of 16 when he made his first music videos for the Italian rap scene. At 18 he signed his first contract with Universal Music, and since then has placed his signature on the most successful music videos in Italy: Ghali, Ernia, Elodie, Lorenzo Fragola, Michele Bravi, Vegas Jones, Mecna, Mr. Rain, Ghemon, Priestess, Federica Abbate, Lazza, Nto, Mara Sattei, Marina, Tropico, Annalisa, Liberato, and Coma Cose. Each time his videos reconfirm his talent with their innovation and international aesthetic strength. Enea is a director and DOP who is also passionate about architecture. His works often feature a maniacal attention on the selection of locations intended to create interaction between bodies and settings. He has recently worked with brands such as Kappa, Diesel, Fratelli Rossetti, Emporio Armani, Alviero Martini, Magnum and Müller.

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