Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo is a lake of glacial origin that borders the Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve to the south and the UNESCO Valle Camonica – Alto Sebino Biosphere Reserve to the north. Sixth largest of the Italian lakes, it holds the record for hosting the largest inhabited lake island in Europe: Monte Isola.

The steep hillsides make the Sebino, as Lake Iseo is also known, an interesting point of convergence between scenery and nature. To the north lie snow-capped peaks and green hills, thanks to an abundance of rainwater and the flowing River Oglio. To the south of the lake, the area has a much milder climate and is characterised by Mediterranean flora, in particular olive trees. The transition between land and water varies along the shore, ranging from high cliffs overhanging the lake leading to sloping mountains and hills towards the lakeshore.

lago iseo
lago di iseo


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