Working alongside Franciacorta

Franciacorta has partnerships and working relationships with a number of important Italian brands and organisations symbolising made-in Italy excellence the world over and synonymous with craftsmanship, style and quality.

Main partners

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana

In 2012 the Franciacorta Consortium inaugurated an important partnership with the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, thereby choosing Italian fashion as a sister industry with which it shares the qualities which mark out made-in Italy products all around the world – craftsmanship, elegance and quality – as official men’s and women’s wear Milan Fashion Week sparkling wine.

1000 Miglia & 1000 Miglia Green

Franciacorta has been 1000 Miglia and 1000 Miglia Green partner since 2019: the legendary race with deep roots in Brescia’s identity and dear to the hearts of spectators from all over the world is a symbol of competitivity and the Italian tradition. Franciacorta is ‘Official Sparkling Wine’ of the events organised during the race, underlining the affinity between two brands whose histories are long but are always future oriented.

Porsche Carrera Cup

Franciacorta is official partner of Porsche Carrera Cup Italia 2021, a prestigious brand championship in which 911 GT3 Cup vie with each other on Italy’s most famous circuits. Excellence and elegance are just some of what makes Franciacorta and this famous German firm one-of-a-kind in their sectors, with shared values such as authenticity, tradition and passion.


In 2021 Franciacorta was elected Michelin Destination Partner by this transport sector leader and publisher of iconic food and wine guides. Presentations of the Michelin Guide – one of the most important reference publications internationally for  restaurant, tourist facilities and accommodation quality reviews – will be held against the splendid backdrop of Franciacorta for the next three years.  The Franciacorta-Michelin alliance set the seal on a shared approach to food and wine promotion and to environmental sustainability.

Emmy Awards

Franciacorta signed a three-year partnership with the Television Academy as the Official Sparkling Wine of the Emmy® Awards. A partnership which began in 2020 in which Franciacorta will be sole Italian wine partner in Los Angeles on the occasion of the awards and all the main events leading up to it. The Emmy Awards, held in Los Angeles and celebrating the most important achievements and most talented artists in the entire industry, are the most anxiously-awaited event of the year for American television. The Franciacorta Consortium was proud to include this renowned event on the prestigious list of collaborations with partners representing excellence in diverse fields.

Technical partners

Getting across our wine culture message, promoting the local area and training sector professionals with a passion for excellence and quality more and more actively: these are the goals underpinning the training and education work which is increasingly a distinctive characteristic of the Franciacorta Consortium’s mission. It is this which is behind our many projects organised jointly with bodies, schools and food and wine sector organisations – and further afield – and this is set to continue. 

A solid alliance lasting many years has formed between the Franciacorta Consortium and Slow Food with a view to promoting and supporting the top-quality agricultural products that best express the unique qualities of individual places.

Slow Food is a large non-profit international association committed to according food its just importance, respecting the people who produce it – in harmony with the environment and with individual ecosystems – and safeguarding the precious knowledge preserved in small communities rooted in local traditions. Slow Food works in 150 countries to promote good, clean and fair food for all, every day.

In 2015, the year of the Milan Expo, Franciacorta partnered with the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium with a view to working together in events in Italy and abroad to jointly promote two top-notch Italian products which stand for traditional local values and products.

PDO Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the world’s oldest and richest products. It is still being made today in the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna (left bank of the Reno river) and Mantua (right bank of the Po river) in the same way as nine centuries ago and with the same ingredients – exclusively raw milk, salt and rennet, with no additives or preservatives whatsoever.
The Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Consortium, founded in 1934, encompasses all 339 dairies making the cheese. With a constant commitment to safeguarding and enhancing the very high quality of this unique and valuable product, the Consortium plays a primary role in pairing up Parmigiano Reggiano with great Italian wines, thus promoting awareness and enjoyment of this King of Cheeses.

Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino are two historic brands, well-known and much appreciated the world over. The secret of their success is their extraordinary complementarity: S.Pellegrino, whose sources are in San Pellegrino Terme in Val Brembana (near Bergamo), has an unmistakable perlage and brings out the aromas and flavours of full-bodied and complex dishes or wines. Acqua Panna, which springs from protected sources located near Scarperia (Florence), is a still mineral water with a very pleasant smooth, well-balanced and refreshing taste which goes perfectly with light dishes featuring delicate flavours and aromas, or young, fruity wines. Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino were the first mineral waters to be extensively studied for pairing with food, wine and the most popular beverages. This mineral water research was entrusted to the greatest international wine experts, because choosing the right water to go with a meal is as important as picking the most suitable wine. In partnership with international restaurants, Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino have succeeded in making themselves ambassadors of fine-dining culture in the over 100 countries in which the two brands are distributed and appreciated.

In 2015, Calvisius and Franciacorta formed a partnership at the Milan Expo Franciacorta Wine Bar. This prestigious Agro Ittica Lombarda brand, an Italian-based global leader in caviar production and distribution, is an ideal partner for a wine like Franciacorta. With its collection of special, elegant caviars, made from pure not hybridised sturgeon breeds, Calvisius Caviar is an Italian flagship domestically and internationally.

Franciacorta is a partner of Valoritalia, an Italian leader authorised by MiPAAF to oversee and certify designated origin, geographical origin appellations and vineyard and/or vintage appellations.

In a market which is increasingly attentive to the environment and product genuineness, certification is an important competitive choice.

Valoritalia supplies firms with a wide range of voluntary certification and organic product certification services on the basis of recognised expertise and skills.

Educational partners

Franciacorta is proud to be embarking on a new partnership with CAST Alimenti (Centro Arte Scienza Tecnologia dell’Alimento) a training institute set up in 1996. It is the only school in Italy to offer specific courses for all the taste professions – cooks, confectioners, restaurant and hotel confectioners, bakers, ice cream makers, gourmet pasta makers, chocolatiers, pizza chefs and bar staff – in specially equipped classroom laboratories. All courses comprise modules on Franciacorta – exclusive sparkling wine sector partner – designed to further existing and future sector professionals’ knowledge of Italy’s most prestigious champagne-method sparkling wine. CAST Alimenti courses are designed for both young people and established professionals and offers teaching staff and equipment combining knowledge and know-how. It pays special attention to made-in-Italy products which play a centre-stage role in study programmes and practical lessons.

Franciacorta è orgogliosa di essere partner di ALMA, Scuola leader della formazione nell’ospitalità. ALMA è il frutto della Franciacorta is a proud partner of ALMA, a leading school in education for tourism.. ALMA is the product of a public-private sector joint working initiative whose shared goal is to promote Italy’s cuisine and food and wine heritage via further education, fostering its development and dissemination worldwide.


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