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Hart Denton, special guest of Franciacorta at the Emmy Awards

The announcement comes after the Riverdale actor’s recent visit to Franciacorta Franciacorta, Official Sparkling Wine of the Emmy Awards, has decided to work with Hart Denton, the talented American actor known for his role in the successful TV series Riverdale, with two films coming out.  Following his recent visit to Franciacorta, where the beauties of ... Read more

Footprint | How sustainable is a wine estate?

It is only by measuring greenhouse gas emissions right through its production chain, and also the quantities of carbon dioxide ‘captured’ from the land, that the winemaking sector can reinforce its sustainability with concrete action and increase its credibility. What can be defined ethically correct in business? Answering this question is less an individual desire ... Read more

Waiting for the harvest

We like to think of the agricultural year as a Möbius strip, a continuous loop where men, vines and nature embark on a journey: there are ‘uphill’ periods fraught with difficulties and commitments, and ‘downhill’ periods where the vine and nature collaborate to help man in his work. However, if you look at it all ... Read more

Franciacorta Festival in Vienna

The third Franciacorta Festival in Vienna is ready to enchant wine lovers of the austrian capital The Franciacorta Festival in Vienna will be held on Monday 16 October at the charming Hotel Almanac, located in the city centre, from 3.30pm to 7.30pm, and will see the participation of operators, press, wine experts and wine enthusiasts. ... Read more

Franciacorta Restaurant Weeks in Chicago

Chicago, July 21st – August 6th 2023 Participating Restaurants Maple Lake Wine & Spirits Special wine tasting on July 21st Geneva Wine Cellars Partnering with the local Geneva Arts Fair through the Geneva, IL Chamber of Commerce July 29 -30. During this special event, Geneva Wine Cellars will offer Franciacorta by-the-glass. Franciacorta by-the-glass will also ... Read more

Franciacorta Restaurant Weeks in Miami

Miami, April 14th – April 30th 2023 Participating Restaurants MacchialinaSpecial by-the-glass offerings and inclusion of Franciacorta in the chef’s tasting menu. Water Lion Wine + AlchemyComplimentary glass of Franciacorta with purchase of shrimp dip or oysters. Boia DeFranciacorta available by-the-glass throughout the entire promotion.Toscana DiVinoWeekly wine tasting events, by the glass specials, and featured food ... Read more

Franciacorta in Cantina Festival 2022

September 10th and 11th – 17th and 18th The Franciacorta-in-the-Winery Festival is back, an exceptional appointment for spending a weekend discovering the places where Franciacorta is created. Open wineries, tasty gastronomic delights, fascinating cultural and sports initiatives. Two back-to-back weekends for getting lost in the magical atmosphere of Franciacorta where a unique wine comes into ... Read more

Stuffed capon Brescia-style, caramelised carrots and parsley chlorophyll

Chef Davide Modesti – Ristorante Vivace A Christmas recipe which goes perfectly with Franciacorta DifficultyMedium-HighTime04:30Food pairingsFranciacorta RoséIngredientsSERVES 4: 1 capon 200 g bread 100 g Grana Padano cheese 150 ml capon broth 150 g butter 2 cloves of garlic salt to taste oil to taste thyme to taste rosemary to taste 1 bunch of parsley ... Read more

Pappardella stuffed with pumpkin, Franciacorta and caviar

Chef Mauro Zacchetti – Al Malò Cucina e Miscelazione A Christmas recipe which goes perfectly with Franciacorta DifficultyMedium-HighTime03:00Food pairingsFranciacorta SatènIngredientsSERVES 4: For the pasta: 500 g white 00 flour 1 whole egg 150 g egg yolk 5 g salt For the filling: 1 approx. 2 kg Delica pumpkin 100 g Parmigiano Reggiano Nutmeg To finish ... Read more

Barbecued guinea fowl, spinach and truffle cream

Chef Stefano Cerveni – Ristorante Due Colombe Al Borgo Antico A Christmas recipe which goes perfectly with Franciacorta DifficultyMedium-HighTime05:00Food pairingsFranciacorta RiservaIngredientsSERVES 4: 1 whole guinea fowl 1 stick of celery 1 carrot 1 onion 1 bunch of rosemary 200 ml of white wine 50 grams of honey 2 litres of water 300 ml fresh cream ... Read more


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