The franciacorta meteorology network

A network of weather stations managed by Servizio Meteo Provinciale has been available in Franciacorta for many years now. This network is made up of three stations owned by the province, which were set up in 1996, and a further four added by the Consortium in 2008.

In 2019 the Consortium decided to set up a new, much denser network of stations capable of supplying real-time data on weather events. Full operativity was achieved in spring 2020 and consists of 46 points including 25 new ones installed in 2020 and privately owned points set up previously by winery members who agreed to integrate their stations into the Consortium’s network, making the resulting data available to everyone. The network is expanding because every time a winery positions a new station and decides to grant access to its data to all Consortium members these are integrated into the network.

This extremely detailed meteorology data has enabled us to hone our plant protection defences with programmes tailored to individual wineries, further reducing the need for phytoiatric intervention, especially copper, whose use limitations are, as we know, extremely significant.

The portal’s home page – – for Franciacorta weather station network consultation

From 2022 onwards a working agreement with A2A Smart City will make a network data platform for Franciacorta available to members. The new platform will have new functions and be more user friendly.

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