Phenological monitoring and ripening curves

The technical office has been implementing phenological monitoring using the BBCH scale (a decimal system designed to codify comparable phenological stages uniformly) on a weekly basis since 2008. These surveys are then compared with last year’s data in order to supply information to wineries on current year trends as regards early or late ripening as compared to the previous year.

Over time, accurate data collection will constitute an important history archive which, when correlated with the now extremely dense weather data, will supply information of crucial importance in assessments of the current year and also a tool in studying vine trends over the years.

Phenological monitoring is followed by ripeness monitoring which the Consortium has been engaged in for many years and has led to the creation of a large database. Weekly samples of Franciacorta grapes (Chardonnay, Pinot Nero, Pinot Bianco and Erbamat) are taken from various sites as well as vineyards growing Curtefranca DOC and IGT Sebino.

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