Terre della Franciacorta project

2011 saw the launch of the Terre della Franciacorta (Lands of Franciacorta) project which was initiated by the Consortium and the 18 municipalities of Franciacorta and the Cogeme Onlus Foundation with the aim of safeguarding the land and making the most of its special characteristics at all levels in order to improve the quality of life of the area’s inhabitants and growing number of tourists.

The Terre of Franciacorta project, as defined by the production regulations, covers an area of 262 sq. km inhabited by more than 146,000 people.

The cornerstone of the Strategic Plan for Franciacorta is the enhancement of the cultural and environmental heritage of the area as a lever in the creation of a sustainable economy, connecting Franciacorta with other areas both nationally and internationally. The goal is to consider the Franciacorta area from every angle, including the planning, landscaping, agriculture and economic perspectives. Partners to it sign up on a voluntary basis. There is no legal requirement on them to do so, but it is extremely image-enhancing. It is a public-private sector agreement in which the two join forces on the basis of a shared interest in the area.

The results of the feasibility study were finalised in July 2013 as an insight into the state of affairs in Franciacorta and its strengths and weaknesses. The data thus obtained set in motion a second phase characterised by the implementation of the knowledge acquired and action plans responding to the needs highlighted.

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