Parco Segafieni e Oselanda (Segafieni and Oselanda Park)

The Segafieni Municipal Park, located in a panoramic position with a splendid view of the lake, is home to the Oselanda, a neo-Gothic building of which precise historical information is missing, except in the cadastral chronology and from some direct evidence. Contemporary art exhibitions, events and performances are often held here.

The first cadastral survey of Oselanda dates back to 1898 in the registers of the Kingdom of Italy, where it appeared to be owned by the Della Santa family. The approximate date of construction is between 1852 and 1898. A possible date, which emerged during recent restoration work and is consistent with these assumptions, is 1873.

The attribution of the building is a further reason for experts to study it, and after much research they have identified the famous Brescian architect Rodolfo Vantini as its author. 

parco de l'oselanda
il parco de l'oselanda


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