Franciacorta, a path to the future: the RTAP as a tool for shared growth

A conference was held on the Regional Territorial Area Plan in May 2019 at the San Salvatore di Rodengo Saiano auditorium. It was attended not only by the mayors of Franciacorta’s municipalities, but also by Pietro Foroni – Regional Councillor for the Territory and Civil Protection, Fabio Rolfi – Regional Councillor for Agriculture, Food and Green Systems, Viviana Beccalossi – Regional Councillor, Francesco Pasini – President of the Association “Terra della Franciacorta”, and members of the Franciacorta Consortium and the Wine Route.

The territory authorities urged that the conference be held in order to inform citizens and stakeholders on the status of the Plan: since its approval in 2017, in fact, local governments have committed to taking fundamental steps in applying the principles provided for by the RTAP giving a strong signal of change towards an increasingly safer and more sustainable future, to make Franciacorta a territory of value. This is a strategic plan for a vast area involving Franciacorta’s municipalities, arising from the need of the municipalities themselves with the support of the Lombardy Region, to define a path of qualification and enhancement of the territory whose overall objective is to raise its quality to the level of the wine-growing brand that identifies it in the world. 

With the approval of this plan, Franciacorta has all the tools to create a veritable “Franciacorta System”, which can combine attractiveness, competitiveness and sustainability with territorial, landscape and cultural qualification actions, benefitting the area’s tourist appeal as well as the fight against climate change.

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