30 years of Franciacorta Consortium and the new adv campaign

On March 5, 2020, the Franciacorta Consortium celebrated the 30th anniversary of its founding.

It was indeed March 5, 1990 when a small group of Franciacorta wine-growers founded the Protection Consortium in Colombaro in Corte Franca with Dr. Paolo Rabotti as its first president.

Franciacorta at that time was quite different: other territories were leaders in terms of production by the “classic method”, but this group of visionaries intuited its potential and imagined a Franciacorta capable of distinguishing itself and excelling, even beyond Italy’s borders.

For the first twenty years significant energy was dedicated to research and innovation and they created, with sacrifice and investments, Europe’s strictest production regulations, aimed at guaranteeing very high-quality standards. It was not easy to recover lost ground from competitors who prided themselves on centuries of history and the only serious way was an uncompromising approach on quality rules.

In 2020 the Franciacorta Consortium celebrated its thirtieth anniversary, which since its establishment has been communicating and promoting Franciacorta as a wine, a method, and a territory. Thirty years of growth and success made possible by the determination and perseverance of the “founding fathers” who were able to understand and nurture the value of a wine-growing tradition with roots in the 1500s. From the curtes francae and the “biting” wines of the 16th century, to the DOC classification and finally the DOCG, Franciacorta prides itself on an age-old and captivating history where wine has always been an important protagonist. Even today, with viticulture at the sustainability forefront, the land remains central to the challenges of wine-growers who every day concretely contribute to the development of innovative projects to protect and enhance the value of the environment.

Thirty years after its establishment, the Consortium decided to celebrate its important achievements by creating an advertising campaign that would convey the expertise of Franciacorta with distinction. A tribute to beauty, passion for the territory, pride for the Italian lifestyle, and the ability to garner outstanding results: these are but a few of the values on which the message of the new Franciacorta campaign is based, Very Italian, Very Franciacorta, bearing the signature of renowned Italian photographer Marco Craig. Two shots that bring to life the Franciacorta emotional and sensorial experience and which encapsulate its true essence, the Italian lifestyle par excellence recognised the world over.

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