Franciacorta Rosé

Chardonnay (max. 65%), Pinot Nero (min. 35%), Pinot Bianco (max. 50%), Erbamat (max. 10%).

Pinot Nero grapes ferment in contact with the skins for the time required to give the wine the required colour intensity. It is made with Pinot Nero base wine as rosé or red wine or as a blend with Chardonnay and/or Pinot Bianco base wines. The minimum ageing period on the lees is 24 months.

The Pinot Nero makes for a full-bodied Franciacorta with an especially lively nose characteristic of this variety.
Pronounced wild strawberry and rose nuances with toasted notes. Lively and generally long in the mouth with intense red fruit flavours. A well-balanced perlage makes for a clean, zesty finish.

Pas Dosé, Extra Brut, Brut, Extra Dry, Sec o Dry, Demi-Sec.


Pink, in varying shades. A fine and long-lasting perlage.


Fine, delicate, complex nose with Pinot Nero’s characteristic wild strawberry, black currant and raspberry aromas.


Fine and complex with well-balanced acids. Pronounced red fruit and flowers heightening the aromas, accompanied by toasted and freshly baked bread notes.

Pairing by type of flavour

Pas Dosé, Extra Brut, Brut

  • Rice with freshwater shrimps
  • Farfalle pasta with pesto*

*goes especially well with Franciacorta Rosé Millesimato or Riserva.

Extra Dry, Sec ro Dry, Demi-Sec

  • Cold cuts
  • Aged cheeses
  • Red meatsTomato sauce based dishes such as fish soups and pizza
  • Mixed berry tart
  • Strawberry cheese cake
  • Leavened cakes and biscuits with red fruits


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