Route 3: Franciacorta Brut – Green path

Average itinerary time2 hours
Technical difficultiea few strenuous sections would be difficult for those without training
Cyclabilitytotal (route split between low-traffic asphalt and gravel roads, suitable for cyclists with a minimum of training)
Altitude gain/loss+/- 240
StartClusane d’Iseo

From the parking lot on the Iseo-Paratico state road, after Clusane d’Iseo’s second set of traffic lights, turn left onto the Brescia-Paratico cycle path to the pedestrian crossing at the beginning of Paratico. At Via Tengattini turn left along a gently uphill road into the hamlet. At the traffic lights continue straight on along Via Martiri della Libertà. On your left you can see the ruins of Lantieri castle on a hill covered with thick vegetation and vineyards. A tough 500-metre climb takes you to the centre of the village. Turn right onto Via Gorizia and continue downhill to a roundabout. From here, turn left and follow the signs for the Paratico-Palazzolo cycle path on Via Don Gino Moioli. After passing the parish church on your right, a brief stop to admire the southern shore of Lake Iseo between Sarnico and Paratico is a must. At the roundabout turn left, still following cycle path signs out of the village to Chiesa di S. Pietro, where a narrow country road passes along the cemetery in the direction of Capriolo. River Oglio is below you and the views span the Valcalepio hills in the Bergamo area.

At the end of a long descent, cross the level crossing and continue through the industrial area. Turn left into Via Niggeler, crossing the railway tracks again and taking another winding uphill path for a further 500 metres. At the roundabout, turn left onto Via Roma and, at Santella di San Carlo, turn right onto Via Vittorio Emanuele, a long street in the historic centre flanked by a parish church and bell tower on the left and the town hall on the right. On the left, take Via Balladore uphill and then Via Paratico with its porticos, courtyards, stone houses and wrought iron windows. When you get to Via Colzano, the more adventurous can go up to the castle by continuing uphill for 600 metres – the view from the top takes in Franciacorta and Bergamo. Back on Via Colzano, return downhill towards the valley.

At the bridge over the canal, turn left through fields and vineyards. Take care here at the first junction (there are no signs), turning right uphill between rows of vines. When you reach a stone house, turn right. This narrow road descends through a cool and shady grove of false acacia and chestnut trees to an old furnace, now converted into a winery.

The road widens and takes you to the village of Adro, where long Via Colzano ends. At Santella, turn left onto Via Dandolo. When you get to the town hall, the former residence of the Dandolo family, turn right onto the main road and follow the signs for the town centre, before turning left into Via Verdi at the first roundabout. At the stop sign turn left onto Via Roma. At the end of the street, turn right into Via Umberto I and then into Via Simoni, continuing as far as Via Lazzareto. Turn left into Via Carota and then Via Santa Maria as far as the narrow junction with Via Cave, which you turn right onto, continuing uphill through the hills.

Continue along this dirt road for over a kilometre, until you reach a grove of chestnut trees and Chiesa di Santa Eufemia. Descend to a cobbled stretch, passing the wall of Palazzo Torri on your right. At the stop sign, turn left into Via Bonomelli and, immediately after passing Nigoline parish church, turn left onto Via Leonardo da Vinci, along the road that leads out of the village.

Continue straight until, after continuing along a tree-lined street for a stretch, you reach the village of Colombaro. First take Via Nazario Sauro and then, when you get to the centre, take Via Manzoni, leaving the parish church behind you on your left. There are extensive views of Iseo, Monte Isola and, in the distance, the imposing cone of Monte Guglielmo to your right. At the end of the road turn right and, immediately afterwards, turn left into Via Zenighe. At the roundabout, turn left for one last effort which takes you to Clusane. The descent along Via Maresciallo Di Bernardo takes you to the end of this route.

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