Itinerary at the foot of Gaina stream

Suitable forFamilies
Time2 hours
Total altitude gain/loss+150m / -150m
StartMonticelli Brusati

This itinerary is suitable for everyone. Mainly footpaths through woods and across streams.

The starting point is the town of Monticelli Brusati where you can leave your car in one of the small car parks between the town and the Gaina and Foina hamlets. If these are full you will need to park in the larger car parks in the centre of Monticelli where the SC red and white waymarking begins. If you park in the centre you need to follow the asphalt road to Gaina and this adds a further 30 minutes to the hike length.

In Gaina make your way to its small square where you take the little road to the left between a fountain and a Virgin Mary shrine also marked with a SC sign. The path emerges in a spectacular canyon and climbs up it with red and white waymarking. Pass a Virgin Mary shrine set into the rock and some benches and come out at a junction marked Variante A which you follow after taking a look at an exquisite waterfall ten metres or so after the junction, starting point for a metal staircase marked Variante per esperti which requires mountain climbing equipment. Retrace your steps and take Variante A and a short, sharp climb at the end of which turn left onto the main road which cuts through the forest half way up the hillside.

Cross a stream and keep following Variante A and its red and white signs into the forest. You will pass characteristic rock Montasu (a head sculpted into the rock), another attractive waterfall linking the route to the Variante per esperti, with its metal steps, in rapid succession. Soon after you come out in a large field with a picnic area at the end of Variante A. Continue along the path to the gravel track which links Gaina and Polaveno. Turn right and continue straight on, ignoring roads on the left until you get to the highest point of the itinerary. This is where the pleasant descent which starts gravel and ends cement track begins, passing a car park with panoramic views over the Monticelli basin and returning to your starting point. 

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