Castello di Brescia (Brescia Castle)

Brescia Castle, a fascinating fortified complex perched on the Cidneo hill, still preserves the contributions of past eras. The crenellated walls, the central ‘Mastio’ (keep) and the fortified tower date back to the Visconti era, while the ramparts and the monumental entrance with drawbridge are testament to the power of the Serenissima (Republic of Venice). 

The top of the hill is reached along Contrada Sant’Urbano from the heart of the old town, in Piazzetta Tito Speri.

Particularly interesting are the Luigi Marzoli Arms Museum, housed in the 14th-century Visconti Keep, and the Museum of the Risorgimento, which displays important works and documents from the period. The Risorgimento Museum is currently being redeveloped and will reopen in the coming months with a totally new and interactive layout. To stay updated visit the official website of Brescia Musei.

The visit to the Brescia Castle, a FAI ‘Luogo del Cuore’ (Place of the Heart), includes artefacts of historical value that go beyond architecture, such as collections of 15th century weapons and armour, period prints and other memorabilia.

Days and opening hours:

Monday to Sunday: 10.00 – 20.00

Opening hours may vary in case of events

castello brescia
il castello brescia
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