Remains of the Castle and Venetian Walls

This fortification of Roman origin houses the rectangular plan Castle, 300 metres long and 150 metres wide, within its structure. It contains 6 residential streets of the road network. The gates are out of alignment, to prevent rapid incursions by opponents, while the road network is at right angles, in Roman style. For more than half a millennium the Castle of Rovato played a crucial role as a stronghold and, despite various and complex historical events, it has almost retained its original structure.

Worthy of note are the bastions at the southern and northern gates, among the earliest in Italian military architecture, and the five towers erected by the Venetians to defend and strengthen the castle, of which only three now remain. The construction of the Vantini arcades in Piazza Cavour meant that the two towers to the north and south had to be demolished.

Visible from the outside with a walk.


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