Cappella Madonna Della Pace (Chapel of Our Lady of Peace)

In 1954, on their return from the war in Russia, the veteran Alpine soldiers of Cologne erected the Chapel of Our Lady of Peace on the summit of Mount Orfano. The view of the countryside below is lost in the distance and, on clear days, reaches the Apennines to the south and Monte Rosa to the west. 

A photograph taken on the day of its inauguration, 12 September 1954, shows that the surrounding area was almost entirely undeveloped. Rows of mulberry trees, indispensable for raising silkworms, dominated the area, which is now characterised by a very different landscape, with houses, industrial sheds and vineyards.

A bronze eagle, the symbol of the Alpine troops, is located between two memorial stones dedicated to Captain Sandro Frugoni and General Luigi Reverberi, both gold medalists.

Free admission. No reservations.


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