Chiesa di Santa Maria in Favento (Church of Santa Maria in Favento)

The Church of Santa Maria in Favento is the oldest in Adro. The building, of modest dimensions, was built around 1200 outside the main town centre, just over a kilometre to the north-east, where the Roman consular road to Valle Camonica once passed. It has a gabled façade, with a quadrangular portico on the north side and a single central opening as the entrance to the church.

Frescoes and decorations from the 15th and 16th centuries enrich the pronaos, which served as a shelter for wayfarers, and the interior; among the various works are the piece dedicated to St Christopher, protector of pilgrims, the Madonna con bambino, (Madonna and Child), L’Annunciazione (The Annunciation), The Trinità (The Trinity), San Giorgio e il drago (St George and the Dragon), in Byzantine style, and a cross from the Carolingian period. The church and picnic area can be reached on foot or by car along the cobbled road.

Can be visited on request by contacting the Parish.


Chiesa di Santa Maria in Favento
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