Spring Festival – Food and Culture in Franciacorta

Location: Franciacorta

16-17 March 2024

Spring Festival: Food and Culture in Franciacorta, a new event that aims to celebrate the synergy between tradition, gastronomy, sustainability and culture, with contributions from the Institute of the Treccani Italian Encyclopaedia and Treccani Accademia, chefs from the local area, wineries and the entire Franciacorta system.

Slated for March 16-17, the Spring Festival will be a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of spring in Franciacorta, exploring its food, wine and cultural abundance through a series of exceptional events.

The 4-Hands Dinners will be one of the Festival’s main events where renowned local chefs will join nationally known guest chefs to create unique culinary experiences, masterfully pairing delicious local products with Franciacorta wines.

The Festival will also feature guided tastings at the Franciacorta Consortium and visits to the vineyards and wineries of the associated companies, cultural performances and much more.

The Treccani partnership adds a distinctive element to this festival, bringing the prestige and expertise of the Italian language’s most authoritative encyclopaedia. Treccani will contribute to the promotion of local culture through events, lectures and presentations that will focus on Franciacorta’s historical and artistic legacy. Taste, Ritual and Sustainability are the words chosen to tell the area’s story. Francesca Cappellaro, Christian Raimo, and Nicola Perullo will speak at three places of cultural interest: the San Pietro Monastery in Lamosa, the Convent of the Annunciata and Zani Home Museum.

Chairman Silvano Brescianini stated: “We are excited to be presenting the third edition of the Franciacorta Spring Festival, a unique experience that celebrates our region’s authenticity and excellence. Due to the collaboration with Treccani and local area chefs, this festival promises to delight the senses and nourish the soul.”

Treccani also expressed great satisfaction for this collaboration. Executive director Massimo Bray declared, “Treccani’s commitment to promoting the excellence of Italian food and wine culture finds an ideal stage in the Franciacorta Spring Festival, where food culture merges with literary, historical and artistic culture, resulting in stimulating and passionate dialogue. We are convinced that the Festival will not only be an opportunity to discuss the heritage of the Franciacorta region, but also a moment of reflection on the role of the culture of sustainability and education as pillars for future development.”

The Spring Festival: Food and Culture in Franciacorta promises to be a memorable experience that brings together the taste of good food with the discovery of local beauty and culture. For further information and a detailed programme, visit the website of the Spring Festival www.franciacorta.wine

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