Franciacorta partners with Nomad in St. Moritz

7 March 2024

The partnership offers a total experience of taste and culture

Franciacorta has consolidated its prestigious collaboration with Nomad, the travelling art and design fair, with four extraordinary events in St. Moritz. This synergy has provided a unique opportunity to celebrate excellence in food, wine and culture.

21 and 24 February saw Franciacorta as protagonist in St. Moritz with events held at the Pavarotti Wine Bar, Hotel Eden and Hotel Grace La Margna. Franciacorta offered promotional tastings masterfully paired with gastronomic delicacies, in perfect accord with Nomad’s sophisticated atmosphere.

A tasting of Franciacorta fundamentals was reserved for a gathering of expert sommeliers at the Pavarotti Wine Bar. The experience allowed them to fully immerse themselves in the complexity of the fundamentals, followed by a tasting of the finished products paired with local traditional delicacies. On the 21st, at the Hotel Grace La Margna, Franciacorta collaborated with the Municipality of St. Moritz to hold an exclusive dinner for 120 people, involving artists, enthusiasts and other leading figures in a unique atmosphere of sharing and appreciation. On the 24th, Franciacorta joined the brand names Homo Faber and Gucci. For lunch at the Hotel Eden, an exclusive tasting was held for 45 people, whereas for dinner, at the Hotel Grace La Margna, the collaboration with Gucci involved more than 100 guests in an unprecedented culinary and artistic experience.

The partnership between Franciacorta and Nomad emphasised the synergy between the two enterprises of excellence, offering guests a total experience of taste and culture. This combination accentuated Franciacorta’s versatility and its commitment to bringing Italian excellence to different settings. With its successful history at Nomad events, Franciacorta has significantly increased its visibility on the Swiss market, which is known to be the top export market for Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin wines.

The collaboration between Franciacorta and Nomad continues to achieve new milestones, reinforcing the shared commitment to excellence and innovation.

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