Museo d’arte Orientale – Collezione Mazzocchi (Museum of Oriental Art – Mazzocchi Collection)

Pompeo Mazzocchi was born in 1829 in Coccaglio. With great courage for the time, he travelled the world, experiencing epic adventures among wars, pirates and samurai. He succeeded in tracing the silkworm and saving the Lombard silk economy. He amassed an astonishing fortune, bringing with him the memories of his travels, now in the museum. A shy person, he avoided the news and public recognition. Through his son Cesare he donated his wealth to the community. He spent his old age peacefully surrounded by his loved ones, happily writing a diary of his travels, which was published in 2010. During his lifetime, Pompeo Mazzocchi visited not only Europe, but also Africa and Asia. On these trips he collected about 500 pieces of art, mostly from Japan, which remained his favourite destination.The diverse collection consists of weapons, ivories, woodcuts, lacquers, wooden artefacts, jewellery, paintings, ceramics, textiles, photographs and bronzes.

Opening hours:

9:00-12:00 and 15:00-18:00 – Closed on Mondays

For information, bookings, visits and workshops, call 3496229243 or send an email to [email protected]





museo arte orientale mazzocchi
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