Franciacorta closes 2023 with a growth in value and starts 2024 with a full programme of activities

22 February 2024

Among the events of 2024, the new spring festival “Festival di Primavera”

Franciacorta finished 2023 on a positive note, registering a growth in value that offset a slight drop in volume.

The 2023 turnover shows growth rates of 2.8% compared to 2022 and an average price growth of 6.4%.

Despite the challenges encountered during the year, the industry showed strong adaptability, maintaining its position of excellence on the international wine scene. The increase in value points out the trend towards high-quality market segments and the constant commitment of Franciacorta producers to maintain high production and innovation standards.

The domestic market – in slight reduction – borders on 88%, continuing to account for the largest share of sales. On the other hand, exports show a positive trend and account for about 12% of the total, with a positive rate of change of 1.5% compared to 2022. Of the main importers, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, the United States and Belgium stand out. The result achieved by the first country is notable, growing by more than 41% compared to 2019, followed by Belgium (up by more than 23%) and the USA (up by more than 17%). All data that underscores Franciacorta’s international appeal, as well as its ability to penetrate new markets through a policy increasingly focused on innovation and sustainability.

Franciacorta’s year thereby ends in the best possible way despite reduced product availability in the winery, confirming its value on the market and boosting its image in Italy and abroad.

With the start of 2024, Franciacorta offers a full calendar of activities aimed at promoting the region and its products, as well as reinforcing ties with consumers and wine lovers.

The Franciacorta Consortium chairman Silvano Brescianini declared: “We are satisfied with our 2023 achievements and look to the future with optimism. Franciacorta is an Italian excellence that continues to conquer the world with its quality and authenticity. 2024 will be a year teeming with initiatives that will enable us to consolidate and strengthen our position on the international market.”

Franciacorta remains committed to promoting and protecting the brand, working in synergy with winegrowers to guarantee the quality and authenticity of their wines. The year that has just begun promises to be an exciting period for Franciacorta, with new opportunities for growth and development.

Indeed, the year started out with an important international accolade: the participation in the prestigious Emmy Awards. This event not only underscored Franciacorta’s worldwide reputation, but also emphasised its leading role in the world of culture, elegance and cinema.

In addition, Franciacorta announced the renewal of its historic partnership with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion last week. Bringing together two Italian fields of excellence, this collaboration is a tribute to the beauty, creativity and elegance that characterise both industries.

Collaborations have also been renewed with the legendary 1000 Miglia car race and the Porsche Carrera Cup, two events representing the pinnacles of classic and sports car racing.

The 2024 Franciacorta events calendar covers cities throughout Italy, Europe and the world and is studded with festivals, trade fairs, participations in awards ceremonies, partnerships and noteworthy collaborations.

It kicks off in March with the new Spring Festival scheduled for the weekend of 16 and 17 March in Franciacorta, a new multi-location format that celebrates the alliance between tradition and innovation through a programme abounding with events that accentuate the watchwords of Franciacorta’s culture and philosophy: ritual, taste and sustainability.

The events continue in April with “Franciacorta on Tour” in collaboration with Michelin and Gambero Rosso: exclusive master classes dedicated to sommeliers from starred restaurants, operators and enthusiasts, beginning in Turin and continuing on to Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Bologna, Rome, Lecce and Palermo.

The travelling festivals will start up again in May with dates scheduled in Italy in Sorrento on 6 May and Genoa on 14 October. In September, there will be a Festival in Cantina (Winery Festival) on 14 and 15 September. Overseas, however, this year Franciacorta will be in Munich at the end of June, Zurich in July and Tokyo at the end of October.

It is a truly dense programme indeed and these are but a few of the many events planned for 2024. The Franciacorta Consortium will naturally continue with its communication projects both domestically and abroad and with its fruitful collaboration work with academies and training schools.

The Franciacorta community is preparing to welcome the new year with enthusiasm and determination, ready to celebrate the best that this extraordinary region has to offer.

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