A happy ending and a good beginning

18 April 2023

Franciacorta navigates 2023 with a full calendar of events

The positive results achieved in 2022 reward the unfailing commitment of the producers during the difficult pandemic period and lay the foundations for the new year

Over 20 million bottles, a double-digit growth rate for exports (+ 11.3%) and a steadily increasing average sales price (+ 5.7%). These are the figures that are repaying the efforts made by the producers of Franciacorta, who have successfully overcome the restricted phase of market growth caused by the Covid-19 emergency and are preparing for the new challenges of 2023.

The return to socialising has favoured the growth of the Horeca segment over large-scale distribution, thanks to the recovery of the hospitality and catering sector: after the pandemic, restaurants and wine bars increased their purchasing volumes to meet the demand of consumers, who are increasingly attracted by the ‘out of home’ dining experience. And when choosing what to buy, above all, in Lombardy, where more than one third of sales in Italy were recorded, the hoteliers and restaurateurs have tended to favour local excellences.

The popularity of Franciacorta Satèn is increasingly globally (+3.3% compared to 2021). Produced from Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc grapes, it is lee-aged for at least 24 months. Its smooth and creamy mouthfeel, combined with its fresh sapidity, is particularly appreciated in Japan (+57.1%) due to its ability to express the umami so dear to the Orient. Another type that is gaining in popularity is Franciacorta Dosaggio Zero (+18.2%), a sophisticated choice for enthusiasts seeking a complexity of flavour suitable for accompanying the most delicate dishes.

The gradual recovery of trade with foreign countries was reflected in the excellent export results, with Switzerland confirming its position as leader, followed by Japan and the United States. And the USA also played a leading role in restarting the circuit of international events: the first Franciacorta Festival in Miami took place on 7 March in the presence of more than two hundred people, who were able to get to know and taste the wines presented by the seventeen participating wineries. This will be followed in June by an event in New York City, with dinners and opportunities to learn more about the wines, their aromas, types and pairings.

The Italian event calendar opened in February with five days of member training Experiences across the area. This will be followed by a new Franciacorta on Tour format in March, an Italian travelling masterclass taking in Milan, Rome, Florence, Naples, Catania and Bolzano, dedicated to trade professionals and wine lovers. Travelling Franciacorta Festivals will also be staged, taking the Franciacorta producers’ tasting stands to Perugia, Como and Versilia.

In September, we return home with the Festival in Cantina: on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17, wine enthusiasts (and others) will have the opportunity to venture into the vineyards and lose themselves in the places of historical interest dotted along the Franciacorta Wine Route, discovering the birthplaces of Brescia’s sparkling wine.

The packed programme of events, festivals and collaborations is also the result of a desire to enhance and promote the area, which has been recognised together with the cities of Bergamo and Brescia as ‘Capital of Culture’. In this way, the spotlight will be turned on the natural, historical and food and wine heritage of this area rich in tradition through events, communication projects and new editorial content, also made possible thanks to partnerships with important entities such as Michelin, Porsche, 1000miglia, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Alma and Cast Alimenti.

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