Franciacorta and the Michelin Guide: a continuing partnership in the name of excellence and sustainability

15 November 2023

The Franciacorta-Michelin Guide partnership has made Franciacorta once again a top destination partner in the presentation of the 69th edition of the Italian Michelin Guide, the sole true byword for the Italian and international restaurant world.

On the occasion of this appointment the choice of Brescia – together with its Italian Culture Capital twin Bergamo – as a location for its importance and prestige, including in food and wine, included hosting the presentation of the Michelin Star Revelation 2024 at wonderful Teatro Grande, built in a time frame starting in the first half of the 18th century and continuing until the mid 19th century,

The ceremony was attended by all the area’s three Michelin starred chefs as well as various other important local figures such as Brescia’s mayor Laura Castelletti, its councillor for productive activities, tourism and social and economic innovation Andrea Poli and its councillor for tourism, regional marketing and fashion Barbara Mazzali. New names in the Michelin star firmament were revealed at this exceptional ceremony presided over by Federica Fontana and over 500 guests took part including restaurateurs, professionals and students from all over Italy. The chefs for the gala dinner at Franciacorta Golf Club included some of Italian haute cuisine’s most illustrious names: Chicco and Bobo Cerea, Andrea Aprea, Cristina Bowerman and Davide Guidara.

It was a record breaking edition: the guide celebrated five new two Michelin starred restaurants, two of which were awarded their due stars in one go and a further 26 restaurants were awarded one Michelin star, bringing Guida Michelin Italia 2024’s grand total to 395 restaurants. Various special prizes were also awarded, including the now well established green stars to reward restaurateurs whose commitment to sustainability stands out. The goal of this prize – in line with Franciacorta’s philosophy and that of its partners – was to shine the spotlight on those focusing special attention on respect for the environment and the area.

“For the third consecutive year we were pleased to be able to host and promote Italian culinary excellence in an area which is emblematic of wine and much more besides. For Franciacorta, partnership with an institution as important and respected as Michelin is something to be very proud of and an opportunity to showcase our area, with its exceptional raw materials and products appreciated all over the world. Our Franciacorta has succeeded in combining its winemaking vocation with green practices, increasingly making its viticulture a byword for sustainability. I would also like to thank Brescia town council and all those working every day in the food business, the true pride and joy of our Made in Italy brand which we proudly export the world over,” in the words of Silvano Brescianini, President of the Franciacorta Consortium.

It was precisely this love of the wine which is the symbol par excellence of conviviality and its versatile ability to pair up with all dishes on the menu which prompted the Franciacorta Consortium to sponsor the MICHELIN SPECIAL AWARD SOMMELIER 2024, which was awarded to Marzio Lee Vallio. It is thanks to his attention and supervision that the Esplanade restaurant succeeded in selecting wines which pair perfectly with the evening’s menu.

“We are happy to support this prize and award it to xxxx for the great care with which he chose the wines on his wine list individually. It was the originality of some of his never banal choices that struck us. We appreciate his love of wine and the way he succeeds in communicating this enthusiasm to others.” Silvano Brescianini, President of the Franciacorta Consortium.

Lombardy confirmed its top ranking position in the Michelin star guide with 60 restaurants ( 3 three starred, 6 two starred and 51 one starred).

The Michelin Italia 2024 Guide panorama:

13 restaurants (2 new additions) with three stars

40 restaurants (5 new additions) with two stars

342 restaurants (26 new additions) with one star

green  58 restaurants (13 additions)

bib       257 restaurants (29 additions)

1334 restaurants (151 additions)

For a total of 1986 restaurants in 2024.

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