Franciacorta in the race for the 1000 Miglia

16 June 2023

Franciacorta is Official Sparkling Wine for the 1000 Miglia car race in 2023 too, on the strength of the natural bond between these two Brescia brands and global Made in Italy emblems of tradition and Italian and Brescia competitivity in the run up to Brescia-Bergamo 2023 Capitals of Culture.

It is precisely for the Capital of Culture project that Franciacorta will be competing with a car numbered 378, a 1955 Fiat 1100 TV SPIDER, and taking a range of guests out onto the Italian roads to promote Franciacorta – ‘vintage cars and quality Italian wine making share a passion for tradition and excellence ‘, says President Silvano Brescianini. From Brescia to Rome it will be Giorgia Surina, actress and radio presenter, at the wheel and she will then pass the baton to Italian actor Giuseppe Maggio who will drive to Milan before handing over to Gresy Daniilidis, Greek-Italian digital entrepreneur who will bring the race to a close in Brescia. For Bergamo Brescia 2023, the world’s most beautiful race will cross Franciacorta this year and drive along the banks of Lake Iseo (Sarnico – Iseo) before passing through the towns of Provaglio d’Iseo, Passirano, Cazzago San Martino, Gussago and Cellatica. Franciacorta will also be present at all the 1000 Miglia venues in Brescia in the days leading up to the race’s start and finish.

Our thanks go to Scuderia Classiche which will work with Franciacorta for the whole duration of the event. Style and artisanship are the symbols of two worlds which are superficially very different but actually speak a shared language of excellence and support for the Made in Italy tradition.

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