Franciacorta chosen as a Michelin Destination Partner

31 January 2022

In October 2021 Franciacorta was honoured to reach an agreement with the prestigious Michelin Guide which will be presenting its stars in this region for three years. Food and wine promotion and environmental sustainability are the cornerstones of an illustrious partnership expressing the philosophy for which the Franciacorta Consortium and all its partners have always stood out. 

What makes the Franciacorta area’s 19 towns and villages different is their outstanding food and wine past and present. This hilly area, the setting for the Italian Franciacorta method Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin (DOCG), is emblematic of a land that has always had a vocation for viticulture, also due to its proximity to Lake Iseo which mitigates the area’s temperatures. With wine as its beating heart, its varied gastronomic landscape combines the flavours of the rustic meat dishes of the inland areas with those of lake fish. Franciacorta has also responded promptly in green transition terms, perfecting its sustainable winemaking primacy, with producers committed to agriculture that is more and more attentive to minimising environmental impact and improving functional biodiversity within the vineyard ecosystem.

“Franciacorta is proud to host the greatest exponents of Italian culinary quality: its chefs. We are greatly indebted to the food service industry which is emblematic of the best of Italy’s culinary experience. These ambassadors of taste and “Made in Italy” products are valuable allies on the world’s most important dining tables. And after the terrible lockdown period we are now especially happy to be able to drink a toast to the Franciacorta stars in gratitude and friendship. I would like to thank Michelin for having chosen Franciacorta as a destination in which to announce the results of a year of pursuing excellence, always the primary objective of Franciacorta winemakers.” The words of Silvano Brescianini, President of the Franciacorta Consortium, underline the importance of this partnership, as an acknowledgement of the hard work done by the area and its appellation to promote Made in Italy all around the world. 

A sense of honour and pride also emerged clearly from the words of Marco Do, Michelin Italy’s Communications Manager, who called Franciacorta “the ideal setting to continue our journey in discovering the wines of a land with long-standing traditions and a uniqueness which has made it one of the ambassadors of Made in Italy products across the world.

The cornerstone of the Michelin Guide is travel. Originally conceived to encourage motorists to travel, the Michelin Guide came into being in France in 1900, the brainchild of brothers André and Édouard Michelin, founders of the tyre company of the same name. To help them on journeys that were often unplanned and sometimes even risky, the Michelin brothers created a booklet for travellers containing maps, procedures for changing a tyre, filling stations and a list of addresses for food and overnight accommodation. Noticing a growing interest in good food, the Michelin brothers recruited a team of “mysterious customers” – or inspectors as they are called today – to visit and anonymously review restaurants. In 1926 the guide began to assign stars to haute-cuisine venues. Loyal to its objective of improving travel experiences, in its 120 year history the Michelin Guide has evolved by giving guidance on the best restaurants for gratifying and unforgettable culinary experiences, becoming a best seller and a byword for global culinary excellence.

Michelin’s is a success based on dedication, hard work and expertise, qualities which make the guide the ideal partner for Franciacorta, whose values it shares.

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