Franciacorta in Cantina Festival 2023

21 July 2023

16-17 September 2023

The 14th Franciacorta in Cantina Festival returns on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September.

Franciacorta is ready to open its doors to the public with more than 60 wineries open to visitors and over 170 events across more than 19 municipalities in the area.

The third weekend of September is therefore devoted to celebrating Franciacorta to the fullest: two days dedicated not only to wine, but also to discovering the deepest secrets of the region, a place devoted food, wine and hospitality at the highest level.

Among the initiatives offered, there will be visits to wineries with wine tasting, gala dinners and picnics in the vineyards, as well as guided tastings of vintage Franciacorta.

If, instead, you love sports and extreme experiences, you will definitely be able to find what you are looking for: horse riding, cycling tours and treasure hunts among the vineyards are just some of the offers to choose from.

And since, as everyone knows, appetite comes from eating and thirst from drinking, Franciacorta restaurateurs are ready to serve their guests, guiding them through incredible gastronomic journeys featuring an array of traditional local products paired with the various types and expressions of Franciacorta wines.

In the year in which Brescia and Bergamo were honoured with the title of Italian Capital of Culture, Franciacorta will unveil its vast, centuries-old heritage. The area’s museums eagerly anticipate hosting both national and international visitors. Expert tour guides will be available to organise customised tours; the Bus Tours, which will return this year following an innovative format, will offer packages that encompass visits to wineries and sites of historical and cultural significance, departing from Rovato, Brescia, Bergamo and Milan on both Saturday and Sunday.

Just browse the website to find the most suitable experiences or packages. By answering some simple questions that appear on the opening page, we’ll guide you to an itinerary that suits your passions and wishes, or you can explore the most interesting initiatives one by one.

For further information: [email protected]

The wineries joining in the Franciacorta in cantina festival are

Abrami Elisabetta – Alberelle di Luca Dabeni Zefferino – Antica Fratta – Barboglio de Gaioncelli – Bariselli Gabriella – Barone Pizzini – Bellavista –  Berlucchi Guido – Bersi Serlini – Boccadoro – Bonfadini – Bosio – Ca’ del Bosco – Camilucci – Caruna – Castel Faglia Monogram – Castello Bonomi Tenute in Franciacorta – Castello di Bornato – Castello di Gussago La Santissima –  Castelveder – Cavalleri – Clarabella – Colline della stella di Andrea Arici – Contadi Castaldi – Corte Aura – Corte Fusia – Derbusco Cives – Due Gelsi – Ferghettina – Fratelli Berlucchi – I Barisèi – Il Dosso – La Costa di Ome – La Fiòca – La Fiorita – La Manèga – La Montina – La Riccafana di Riccardo Fratus – La Torre – Lantieri de Paratico – Le Cantorìe –  Le Marchesine – Majolini – Marchesi Antinori Tenuta Montenisa – Marzaghe – Massussi Luigi – Mirabella – Monte Rossa – Monzio Compagnoni – Mosnel – Muratori – Pietraluce – Plozza Ome – Priore – Quadra – Ricci Curbastro – Romantica Franciacorta – Ronco Calino – San Cristoforo – Santus Franciacorta – Spensierata – Tenuta Ambrosini – Tenuta Martinelli – Tenuta Moraschi – Terre d’Aenòr – Turra – Uberti – Ugo Vezzoli Franciacorta – Vigna Dorata – Villa Franciacorta

We like to thank the province of Brescia for its patronage and the sponsors RASTAL – UNICREDIT – PARMIGIANO REGGIANO – FRANCIACORTA VILLAGE – MAXI DATA – RIBONI – CST – T&T – SAGIT – GRAFICHE MASNERI – SERMEN DRINKING – VALORITALIAfor their support.

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